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    In recent 20 years, the application of aluminum alloy structure in civil engineering has developed rapidly. As a new type of building structure material, aluminum alloy has the advantages of light weight, corrosion resistance, easy maintenance, convenient construction and so on. It can adapt to the development of modern engineering structure span and light weight direction as well as the harsh building environment, and promote the combination of marine engineering science and architectural art. International, as early as the 1970s and 1980s, the British (CP118), Italy (UNI8634), Sweden (SVR), France (DTU), Germany (DIN 4113) and Austria (ON) aluminum alloy structural specifications Has been promulgated. The European Association of Steel Structures (ECCS) developed the first edition of the European Recommendations ERAAS《 Aluminum Alloy Structures in 1978, the first attempt in Europe to unify the design guidelines for aluminum alloy structures. The new edition of the European EC9《 Code for the Design of Aluminum Alloy Structures (hereinafter referred to as "the European Code ") was developed CEN( the European Standards Organization (ESO) in 1992 and is still being perfected. Previously, the United Kingdom completed the revision of the aluminum alloy specification BS8118 in 1991, replacing the original CP118.. Except

    In addition to European countries, Alcoa completed the revision of the sixth edition of the Aluminum Alloy Design Manual in 1994. In recent years, some aluminum alloy space structures and footbridge beams have been built in China, which have been developed, designed and manufactured by ourselves. joint aluminum alloy frame structure. Completed in 2007, Hangzhou Qingchun Road Zhonghe Road pedestrian overpass, China's first aluminum bridge. These aluminum alloy structures show the necessity of compiling the design code of aluminum alloy structure in China, and also provide the necessary engineering practice data accumulation for the compilation work.


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